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What Does “Warehouse Prices” Really Mean?

For years our tagline has been “In-home shopping, warehouse prices”. Among Realtors, designers, property managers, and custom home builders, Tish Flooring is known for bringing samples of carpet, hardwood, resilient and tile products to the home rather than requiring customers to come to our showroom.

So, the “In-home shopping” is part of who we are, but the “warehouse prices” part of our tagline is much more than a catchy phrase. In fact, we are now in our third decade of operating our business on wholesale margins with residential customers.

How do we do this year after year? Well, our secret sauce is not so secret: low overhead and efficient operations equal lower margins and prices to you, the end user. Here’s the recipe.


Low Operating Expense

Tish Flooring has one large, central location that serves virtually all of central Indiana. Some retailers have multiple locations, thus multiple layers of operating costs, to serve a market such as central Indiana. Some have large, expensive stores in high-visibility retail centers. Tish has one, low-cost showroom/office/warehouse facility that serves the entire market.

Low Turnover

When recruiting new employees, one of our strongest selling points is the longevity of our employees and subcontractors. Well-paid team members working closely in a fast-paced environment of fun and respect equals dedication, increased productivity, lower operating costs and lower prices.

Volume Purchasing

Tish Flooring installs more residential replacement projects than any other locally-owned flooring company. This volume position enables us to source carpet, hardwood, resilient and tile products from the major flooring mills at cost points as low as (or lower than) any other flooring company in the region.

Operational Efficiency

Our Project Managers and installers collectively average over 20 years’ experience. Some have been with Tish for over 20 years. The correlation? Fewer errors and refined internal processes equate to lower organizational costs and selling prices at or below that of home improvement and warehouse stores. (Take the Tish Challenge: compare our prices to Home Depot, Lowe’s or Empire. They hope you won’t.)


So, we don’t use the words “warehouse prices” casually.  The phrase is both a promise and a commitment on which our customers depend.

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