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Hidden Costs of Installing Carpet Floors


Installing new carpet floors is an investment, but one that is well worth it. With new carpet arrives a new sense of softness and a new aesthetic to your space. And with unlimited style, color and texture options, carpet is also an expression of you and the lifestyle you love.

However, the process of shopping for, purchasing and installing carpet in your home – either by a professional or by someone referred to you – can come with additional costs that either you not have considered or your supplier didn’t or won’t tell you about.

Enter Tish Flooring. Here we’ll pull back the curtain. With a little transparency, will prepare you for the process by equipping you with the right questions to ask.

Trip Charges

This is a good example of a charge that some companies won’t itemize or disclose. Generally, if you live within thirty minutes of the person or company doing the installation there really is no good reason to charge you for delivery or handling. If you see such a charge, and you live reasonably close that’s a red flag. Tell them to remove it or provide you some other justification. (One exception that comes to mind is transporting carpet up freight elevators – this really does merit an additional charge.)

The more remotely you live, the more expensive it can be to have the carpet delivered and installed. A reasonable fee, often called a “trip charge”, begins to make sense once your installation crew has to travel forty-five minutes or more to get to you. Most times, a trip charge of $50 or $75 makes sense for those who live an hour or more away. The price will vary from company to company, so the best way to know for sure is to ask your flooring provider at the time of your estimate about trip charges.

Carpet Padding

This is one cost that is certainly worth it in the long run if your flooring company treats you right.

When your new, gorgeous carpet is installed, the last thing you want to do is have them installed over the least expensive foam that has the resiliency of newspaper underfoot. And some carpet warranties are not supported if carpet is installed over pad that is of insufficient density or quality. But watch out for excessive upgrade costs: retail salespeople can instill concern or fear if you don’t buy the most expensive option. A good rule of thumb is this: even the best pad should not exceed 16%-19% of the overall cost of your carpet purchase.

Carpet cushion really is the unsung hero of a successful carpet installation. Small details are so important to a floor installation, and cushion is one detail that should not be overlooked. A quality carpet cushion can overcome imperfections in the subfloor, reduce creaks and noises, and even provide protection from moisture damage or spills. Perhaps most importantly a quality carpet cushion provides uniform support to the backing of carpet and offers true comfort underfoot.

Removal of Existing Flooring

Your new floors are on the way, but what do you do about your current ones?

Removing your old flooring can be a tricky task and one that is sometimes worth having done by a professional. Many DIY’ers like to save cost by removing existing carpet and pad. Variables to be aware of here are 1) the person or company doing the installation may charge you if random staples or remnants of the old pad have not completely removed from the subfloor or 2) you may be charged if the installers are handling the carpet you removed, even just to move it or load it.

Last, if you do have your carpet company or installer friend handle the removal of the existing carpet, you should not pay any more than .20 – .25 per square foot. You’ll be amazed how quickly an experienced carpet crew can pull out old flooring and load it for disposal. If someone wants to charge you .75 or $1 per square foot, run.

One expense you don’t have to worry about with Tish Flooring is paying for an estimate, inspection or measurement. Some companies do this. We never have and we never will. Tish makes it simple – we bring samples straight to your home or business, take measurements, and offer suggestions customized to your project and your needs –  always free of charge.

If you are ready to have your new floors installed the right way, call 317-879-TISH (8474) today!