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Nature’s Neutral: LUSH is Shaw’s Color of 2017


Our partners at Shaw – in addition providing some of the highest quality flooring around – are aficionados of fashion-forward thinking and design. Year after year, they provide brilliant and beautiful inspiration on how to bring the year’s hottest colors into your home. This year is no different.

Shaw has recently revealed its 2017 Color of the Year: Lush by Shaw.

Whether it’s your fashion or furnishings, Shaw’s fashion experts all agree that 2017’s biggest color trend will come straight from the Earth in the form of a bright, yet subdued, blast of natural green.

“Greens change with the seasons without ever getting old or boring,” said Debbie Houston, Shaw’s Creative Director. “Lush is nature’s neutral.”

pb-coty-plantShaw describes Lush as “Far more than a single color, Lush is a soothing breadth of green that brings the outdoors in.” Particularly in these cold and dreary months ahead, a vibrant and natural color can inject color and life into your wardrobe and your home.

Lush is an extremely versatile color, allowing you to use it throughout the house in many different capacities without it ever losing its excitement! Here are a couple different ideas on how to bring the brilliance of Lush into your home this year.

If you aren’t sure you want to commit to large areas of Lush quite yet and want to start small, Lush is the perfect accent for any living area. Plants can be an easy way to limit the use of Lush while still using it in a powerful way. Beautiful and vibrant houseplants are easy to find – or you can opt for fake ones if you don’t want the guilt associated with letting plants die.

Seaglass is another crafty way to utilize Lush. Use it as vases, jewelry, glasses, art pieces or other decorative items to scatter smaller accents and elements throughout a room or your entire home.

pb-coty-vignette-glassIf you want to take a bigger step with Lush, try it out as a rug, on decorative pillows or furniture. Lush’s natural look looks divine when paired with earth tones like light and dark browns or light blue. Make Lush stand out even more by presenting it with other neutral colors like white or beige to help make its presence even more prominent.

The earthy nature of Lush also makes it an ideal pairing with hardwood floors! Used side-by-side, like as a rug or as an accent wall, with wood creates the feel of being deep in the woods, surrounded by nature!

If you want to fully embrace Lush as a paint, there is no room that it won’t look spectacular! Use it in your kitchen along side granite counter tops and wood cabinets to create an Earth scene. Its rich warmth also makes it ideal in your living room or bedroom. Try mixing and matching different color bedsheets or furniture to find the compliments you love the most.

Whether you use it in a rug to set the stage, cover your walls with it or scatter it throughout your home with plants, pillows and art, there’s no limit to how to bring Lush into your home.

If you aren’t sure how to get started, Tish can help you find the right flooring elements to pair with your new look. Weekends, evenings, no problem! Tish brings samples straight to you. Call 317-879-8474 (TISH) today or contact us online!