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How Technology Has Influenced Real Estate


Tish Flooring and Indy Top Producer magazine recently held a focus group consisting of some of Indianapolis’ top real estate agents, aimed at discussing hot topics in the real estate industry. The insights exchanged were, in some cases, unexpected, and in others served as affirmation that buyers and sellers in the Indianapolis area are equipped with research and demanding top-notch Realtor representation.

Now, Tish Flooring is sharing this information with you. Whether you are in the real estate business, selling your home, looking to buy or simply looking to make your home more modern and updated, there is likely a golden nugget or two for you here.

In this blog, the second of a three-part series, we will discuss our findings in the area of technology, and how it has changed the home buying and selling process.


Kim Carpenter, center, recently showed a house in Indy to a buyer in Florida entirely over a video walkthrough.

Buying and selling is now easier than ever

In this age of advanced photography and video technology, showing off a house has never been easier and more
streamlined. Some potential buyers don’t even need to step foot in the house before buying it!

“I recently showed a house here in Indy to a couple in Florida,” said Kim Carpenter. “They never visited the house beforehand, we did an entire video walkthrough.”

Using photo galleries, slideshows and video walkthroughs buyers have much more access to homes than ever before. This makes high-end photography, as the Realtors put it, part of the new price of doing business as clients now expect high-resolution images when researching or marketing a property.

However, these advancements have turned new buyers’ expectations to a new level of expectation.

“The internet, in some ways, has made buyers pickier,” said Sheri Putman. “When they look at the photos, they want that level of picture-perfectness in the home when they look at it in person.”

These expectations place more emphasis on preparing the home for open houses and walk-throughs. The product in real life has to match standards created by the photos. It is especially true with millennials: the product has to be consistent with the pictures.

Kevin Elson, right, cautions buyers when holding discussion in the home they are looking at.

Kevin Elson, right, cautions buyers when holding discussion in the home they are looking at.

Careful what you say

Our Realtors brought an important, and somewhat disturbing new technology trend to light during our discussion: sellers recording potential buyers.

Whether it’s through sophisticated cameras and recorders or simple baby monitors, some sellers are tapping their own homes to try and hear and/or see what potential buyers have to say about the home. Some attempt to use this information against buyers as leverage later down the line during negotiations.

The focus group warned to be alert for these kinds of tactics and – just to be extra cautious – be careful what you say in the house during your time and even delay your discussion until you are back in your car.

“I tell my buyers, ‘When you walk into this house, you can be excited, just be careful what you say’,” said Kevin Elson. “When you walk into some of these homes you can see the cameras and you know they are at their office watching.”

Buyers are better prepared and more knowledgeable

With the internet a wealth of useful apps at their disposal, this generation of home buyers are more knowledgeable than ever.

Potential buyers now take notes on their iPads, the Realtors observed, and some even come prepared with spreadsheets and checklists of features and points of interest they are looking for.

Our Realtors focus group also agreed that with smart phones, email and texting it is easier than ever to keep in constant, real-time communication with clients through the entire home buying process to answer any questions and assist buyers and sellers.

The internet provides answers to virtually all buyers’ questions, so they now know exactly what they want in housing amenities and finishes, like flooring. Make sure hits all the right notes with buyers with new, on-trend flooring.

Tish Flooring is your best Indianapolis flooring option! We’ll bring flooring samples straight to your door and work closely with you from our first conversation to the final walkthrough. Call 317-879-TISH (8474) or schedule your free, no obligation home estimate online today!

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