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Get Ready for Company: 4 Easy Tips to Prepare Your Autumn Guest Room

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By Ronique Gibson of

Your guest room is about to become very popular this autumn. Whether you’ve invited old friends for the weekend, the entire family drops in for a holiday celebration or an “unexpected” guest arrives for a week, a few updates to your guest room will make them feel right at home.

Your guest bedrooms shouldn’t feel cold and uninviting like a business hotel room.  So make everyone feel the welcome when you try some of these tips for adding fall decor, travel essentials and touches of home to your autumn guest room.

Clean and freshen

Before you think about decorating your guest room, start by cleaning it. If your guest room hasn’t been used in a while a thorough cleaning of the floors, dusting of furniture and guest bathroom is first priority. Consider green cleaning products which don’t leave heavy chemical odors behind.

Declutter and organize closets and wardrobes

Between visitors, guest rooms often become home to things which “don’t fit” anywhere else.  As you get ready for guests, donate some of that old furniture, knick knacks or clothes you no longer use to Goodwill. Not only will you be freeing up space, you may even get a tax deduction for your donation.

Remember to change light bulbs, store a set of fresh linen and pillows, stock the wardrobe with extra hangers and clear a space to store luggage.

Set a fall atmosphere throughout your guest room

As the temperatures start to drop think about adding an extra wool blanket, down comforter or flannel sheets invite visitors to snuggle up. Comfortable throw rugs take the chill off the floor as you add a bit of fall color to the room.

Seasonal decorations in rich autumn tones add warmth. Decorative throw pillows, drapery and matching bath linen in shades of falling leaves like dark green or brown make even large rooms feel cozy.

Create a centerpiece with pine cones and pumpkin scented candle which will look, and smell like fall.

 Make a welcome basket for visiting guests

When your relatives and friends come to visit give them a chance to experience your hospitality and the best of your home city.  Greet them with a welcome basket filled with tourist attractions brochures and maps.

Include small toiletries they may have forgotten or special treats your home-town is known for. A basket of ripe autumn apples or salt-water taffy and their favorite wine take the edge off a long trip and say “we’re glad you’re here.”

Autumn is the perfect time to get ready for holiday company.  From cleaning and organizing to adding the little touches which make your guests feel special if you do it right, your guests may never want to leave they stay a few nights in your lovely guest room.

Sometimes a light cleaning isn’t enough. Refresh that guest bathroom with new floor and wall tiles in warm autumn shades.