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Wood: Not Just for Your Floors

Tish Flooring is all about fashion-forward thinking and getting in on the latest trends in home fashion. That’s why we wanted to clue you in and get you on the ground floor of a new trend sweeping home remodeling: wood on walls.

That’s right, wood isn’t just for your floors anymore. Many are taking on the trend of using reclaimed wood and the same products used for wood, vinyl or laminate flooring and putting them on their walls. So why has this style become so popular? Here are a couple reasons why so many have embraced it and few inspirations you can use in your own home.



Wood on walls can play many different roles. It can be used as an accent wall, like the photo above. Using Mannington’s Whisky Mill Wheat from the Restoration Laminate collection, the designers of this room created a powerful accent wall by using the same materials on the floor as the wall, to give the room some additional character.

Can you imagine this look in your living room or bedroom? Use a different style of wood or run the grain the opposite direction – like they did – to give your room an even stronger look and feel.

Wood can also be used to transform an entire room. Imagine a new powerful look in your study with carpet and wood walls or wood on wood. Light or dark colors, rustic or modern, no style of wood is off limits. It is perfect for mixing and matching surfaces as shown in this bathroom.


Wood walls transport you

Imagine the feeling of sipping a nice warm cup of coffee or tea on a cold night in an old wood cabin, filled with the conversation of family or friends. Wood walls can help create that feeling of luxury and escapism without having to leave your home. Surrounding yourself with a new, unique surface like wood surfacing on walls really open up your creative options and lets your mind take flight.

Something as little as a change of one wall to one room to a whole house can completely change the dynamic and feel of your home. So, if you are ready for a change or tired of looking at the same old paint, wallpaper or surfaces, wood on walls might be just what you need to revitalize your home.

So, if you are ready for a change or tired of looking at the same old paint, wallpaper or surfaces, wood on walls might be just what you need to revitalize your home.


Wood wall surfacing can work anywhere and with any combination: living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchens, it works everywhere.

Take this bathroom scene, for instance. This wooden accent wall made using Mannington Adura Distinctive Plank paired with white walls and Mannington Corinthia Topaz Tile brings a variety of looks and feelings together in a way that is undoubtedly stunning.

Rustic and Refined

This trend really gets at the heart of the reclaimed wood craze. Wood reused from old houses, barns, warehouses and even trains has become a popular source for many in the creation of tables, doors, floors and now walls.

Whether you go all out and use reclaimed wood – which can be very expensive – or use engineered hardwood that resembles the age and wear of its reclaimed counterpart, wood on walls creates a dynamic look. It brings together a strong balance of refined and rustic, old and new.

Many trendy homes strive for this look of mixing modern with antique, and wood on walls are the perfect way to achieve it.


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