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Stylish Tile Flooring Patterns

Looking for a new tile style for your next project? Why not give your kitchen, bathroom or living room a look that is unique and exciting — like you? With plenty of different, exciting and captivating patterns out there, there is no limit on what you can do to your floors. Here are a couple suggestions for your next floor tiling project! With these, you’re bound to impress!

Running Bond

A simple, yet elegant and stylish change-up from the classic straight or diagonal lay pattern you see in most kitchens and bathrooms. It is also referred to as the “brick pattern” because it replicates the traditional pattern used in bricklaying.

Using rectangular-shaped tiles, the end of each tile is placed in the center of its neighboring tiles. This pattern creates a staggered pattern that maintains a cohesive and visually appealing look. The running bond is a great design choice when attempting to hide surface imperfections! The tiles not lining up perfectly tricks the eye into not focusing on individual tiles, rather the pattern as a whole.

Because of its resemblance to brick patterning, this style is often limited to tile back splashes. However, they look just as great on floors! When approach designing or laying out a running bond pattern, an easy mistake is not making sure the tiles line up as well as possible. You don’t want this mistake to become apparent as you continue tiling further down the line.

datile diagonal square

Diagonal with Accents

This simple and stylish pattern is another great way to make the area it inhabits seem more spacious. It takes elements of a diagonal and straight-lay and gives them a little original touch. Every group of four squares gets a smaller square inside that lays straight in contrast to the surrounding tiles. This creates almost a floral pattern within your floor.

A classic and elegant look, this pattern looks fantastic in entrance ways. bathrooms, kitchens or wherever you want to put it! Technically, it is relatively easy design to install, so if you are taking your first crack at tiling your own home, this pattern would be a great start.



Favored in Europe for many years because of it’s intricate yet elegant look, the Herringbone will have your kitchen or bathroom the talk of the town! Named so because it resembles the boney skeleton of a herring, this design takes advantage of long rectangular tiles in a very unique way.

The tiles are lined up at parallel 45 degree angles, creating a reoccurring V-shape throughout the floor. The pattern is repeated in reverse on the other side, creating a reflection in your floor. Try alternating colors for a particularly unique look!

The herringbone is a great way to make smaller spaces seem larger. The “V” creates an optical illusion that seems to open up the area it is laid, making it perfect for hallways and kitchens! It is also a great pattern to utilize in transition. It can be placed in between a straight-lay pattern in your kitchen and your carpeted living room for a look that dazzles.

This pattern is high on the difficulty scale, and should be approached with caution or saved for a professional… like us!

Ready to give your tile floors a brand new look? Let Tish help! We have a wide variety of colors, patterns and styles and can help you bring any look you desire to life! Schedule your free in-home consultation today and let’s get started!