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Patterned Hardwood Tiles from Mirth Studio

Traditional tile and stone floors are some of our favorite types of floorcovering, both for their beauty and the value they can add to an Indianapolis home. When you hear the words “tile flooring,” most homeowners probably think of ceramic or concrete tiles.

But what if we told you there was another option that could give you the benefit of tile while also adding the resilience of hardwood but with dozens of vivid patterns and colors? Tish Flooring is proud to be Indiana’s only source for beautiful patterned hardwood tile from Mirth Studio.

Blossom Patterned Wood Tile

Why Patterned Wood Tiles?

If patterned wood floors sound a little strange, it should. The technology behind Mirth Studio’s patterned wood tiles has only recently become available. Using the latest advances in printing, screening and sealing, their tiles are as durable as virtually any engineered wood flooring product on the market. So what are the benefits of this unique wood-tile hybrid? Let’s take a closer look.

Ease of installation. Similar to “tongue in groove” vinyl tile floor, Mirth Tiles are easily installed right over a wood or concrete subfloor, without the need for sanding, grout, or any sort of sealing.

Strength under pressure. Unlike some engineered hardwood planks, when properly installed hardwood tiles from Mirth Studio and Tish won’t warp or buckle from time or pressure.

Near-unlimited design possibilities. In addition to the wide range of premade patterns available from Mirth Studio, these tiles are completely customizable. It’s so cool: custom painted wood tile  – you envision it: Tish Flooring and Mirth make it, ship it, and install it!

You don’t have to stop at floors. These patterned wood tiles don’t stop at being beautiful floorcoverings – they’re perfect to accent a wall or add punctuation to your kitchen backsplash in 6” formats! Their tough but lightweight design makes them ideal for feature wall spaces.

More durable than traditional tile – With most makes of tile flooring, you can expect to have to purchase several more than is necessary for your project, due to their tendency to chip and break during shipping or installation. Not so with wood tiles!

Macau Wood Patterned Tile


So what’s the holdup? If you’ve been waiting for a floorcovering option – or even a wall covering option – that combines the benefits of tile, traditional hardwood (and a few from laminate) you’re in luck! Take a look at some of our newest flooring additions at the Tish Gallery, or if you still need some help deciding on tile, get your free copy of Tish Flooring’s free Tile Flooring Guide.