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How to Choose the Best Shower Tile

Choosing the best shower tile is trickier than you may think. While almost all tile is waterproof, which means they theoretically could go in your shower, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they should. There are a few other variables that come into play when it comes to deciding on wall and floor coverings for your shower. Whether you’re re-tiling your shower or installing a brand-new one, here are a few items to keep in mind when selecting your perfect bathroom tile.

Mosaic Shower tile


How will the tile stand up to water?

Glazed tile tends to perform better in showers, as it won’t absorb as much water and is less prone to molding than its unglazed counterpart. You’ll also want to consider how hard your water is. In almost all cases, we recommend you always treat your water with a softener to avoid unsightly and damaging mineral buildup.


Is the tile safe for a shower?

Slippery tile can be a real safety danger. Look for anti-slip tile, and consider using a smaller sized tile on the floor. Because there is more grout between each individual tile, there’s more for your toes to grab onto to keep you from slip-sliding around the shower.


Wall tile or floor tile?

All tiles are not created equal. Wall tiles tend to be thinner than floor tiles since they don’t have to bear weight. Make sure your tiles are designed for the application for which you’re using them.


Does your tile go together?

While safety and durability are important factors to consider when choosing tile, you still care about how the finished shower looks. Many companies are making it easy on you by selling full bathroom tile packages. These include professionally matched shower floor tiles, shower wall tiles, bathroom floor tiles, and listello or decorative tiles.

Besides being convenient, these tile packages take the guesswork out of your design process. You have the confidence of knowing that all your pieces relate to one another and will create a cohesive overall look to your bathroom.


Done right, shower tiles can add beauty and functionality to your bathroom. For help selecting the right flooring for your bathroom or any room, call Tish Flooring at 317-879-TISH (8474). We’ll come right to your Carmel, Fishers or Indianapolis home, look at your shower, and make recommendations about the best products for you – at no obligation, as always. Contact us today for more information.