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Don’t Fear Rain or Spills – Waterproof Flooring is Here!

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You know what they say: April showers bring May flowers. Unfortunately, April showers also bring leaky roofs, overflowing plumbing systems, and other mishaps that can spell disaster for your floors. Many homeowners have horror stories of waking up after a stormy night to find a basement or other room subject to unwanted wetness or dampness. Depending on the severity and the type of floor you have, you may have no choice but to pony up for new flooring.

But all of that is changing. Flooring manufacturers all across the industry are trending toward water-resistant and waterproof styles, with some brand-new product categories leading the way. Let’s take a look at a few of Tish’s recommended lines for reducing your stress when it comes to April showers.



COREtec is the first name in innovative waterproof flooring. Its award-winning design has spawned a whole new product category in flooring called WPC (Wood Plastic Composite). As a hybrid style of wood and plastic polymer, WPC floors combine the advantages of hardwood and vinyl. WPC floors look just as elegant as natural hardwoods, and can often outlast the life cycle of similar-looking hardwoods. Like similar vinyl or laminates, WPC can often be installed directly over uneven subfloors or existing flooring without showing any imperfections. The dimensional stability of COREtec and similar WPC’s is unrivaled, enabling it to be installed over large spaces without the need for additional transition pieces.

But possibly the most exciting feature of WPC products are the fact that they are 100% waterproof. They are warranted not to rot, check or split when exposed to moisture.  WPC products will not take in any moisture, so they will not swell up like hardwood. Even in the worst case scenario of a flood, many WPC flooring products can easily be un-clicked from the floor, allowing you to clean and let the area dry, then simply reinstall in no time!


Shaw LifeGuard

Just like a real lifeguard, Shaw’s LifeGuard carpet line is your hero when it comes to the water. Shaw has long been one of our go-to carpet brands for their reliability and fashion-forward designs. The LifeGuard series adds another proprietary notch in Shaw’s belt with their 100% waterproof backing design. Don’t believe carpet backing can be waterproof? Check out this experiment:

Completely stain-resistant and able to repel any amount of moisture, this carpet line is a lifesaver for basements that can easily flood during heavy rainstorms or in transitional areas of the home that can see spills or wet foot traffic. For a long-lasting carpet that you’ll never have to fret about, Tish recommends this Real Achievement Carpet.


So the next time you wake up to find a wet mess in your house, don’t set yourself up for more disappointment by installing a new cheap floor that will just need another replacement next time. Save yourself the hassle and find a quality replacement that will last years and years. Not sure where to start? Drop us a line and set up a free consultation with a Tish Flooring pro!