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The Details Matter – Tips to Elevate Your Home Showing

Home Showing For Sale


For homeowners doing it on their own, the art of selling a home can be incredibly tricky. You need to balance the amount of time and money you invest to improve the home with the boost it will give (or will not give) to its market appeal. To help with the process, we’ve consulted designers and Realtors and we learned some interesting tips to help sellers reduce their DOM (days on market) and achieve the highest possible selling price.

Satisfy the Senses

When most people think about improving a home, they often over-focus on the visuals. What some tend to forget is that home shoppers are affected by the entire sensory experience. For instance loud, creaky floors will be a red flag to visitors.  The good news is that these can often be corrected with some minor work on the subfloor and floor joists. If a carpet or wall has a lingering smell (i.e., pet odors or nicotine) you’ll want to do whatever it takes to neutralize the odor or even replace the culprit if needed. Many Realtors will also burn scented candles (chocolate chip cookie is a very popular one) to make a home seem more comforting and nostalgic.

For flooring deals to replace one old or unwanted floor, be sure to check out our Current Specials.


Create a Canvas

Don’t make the common mistake of staging or decorating your home for sale in a style that satisfies your personal taste. Though it can be tempting to let your fashion sense rule your decisions, rarely will the seller’s personal aesthetic work for prospective buyers. Instead, try implementing simple and neutral colors and design choices. That way, you can allow the prospective buyer to see the house as a blank canvas. The point is to choose colors and finishes that are light, basic tones so that your buyer can easily dream up their own vision of how they can make the property their very own.

When it comes to creating a blank canvas with your floor, we suggest a neutral carpet like this Deep Impact carpet by Shaw.


Little Touches Leave Big Impressions

Though updating major components of your home such as roof, windows, floors, electrical, plumbing, etc., may be a priority a few small imperfections can tarnish a buyer’s first impression. Here are a few small fixes that our experts say will go a long way in a buyer’s eyes:

  • Inspect and replace any hardware on doors or cabinetry that shows signs of corrosion or pitting.
  • Make sure all screens in the windows are secure and free of holes.
  • Curtains tend to show their age quickly – freshen up an entire room with neutral replacements.
  • Storage space is a huge plus to potential buyers. Empty the closets as well as you can, and keep what’s left in them neat and organized.


Tish has proudly served Realtors and their buyers and sellers in the Indianapolis area since 1992. If you’re in need of some expert help on refreshing your floors before selling, give us a call at 317-879-TISH (8474) and set up a free in-home consultation, day or evening – weekday or weekend.