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Lights, Camera, Action! Why we bring samples to you

Carpet Padding

When people hear our tagline “In-Home Shopping, Warehouse Prices” they typically focus on the phrase “Warehouse Prices”. Over the years we have grown and now negotiate with our suppliers on par with the largest home improvement chains in the U.S.  This purchasing power allows us to bring you the most current Indianapolis flooring products at true, warehouse prices, but that’s only half the story.

The real difference is personalized service and free, in-home consultation. When you invite Tish Flooring into your home, you’ll see samples which fit your lifestyle and your budget.  Browsing samples “in-home” is absolutely critical to making the right color, style, and texture selection.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why choosing new flooring in your own home rather than a poorly lit hardware or home improvement center is the way to go.


Your wood flooring sample, carpet square or tile will look very different in rooms with lamps or low wattage overhead light fixtures.  And if your home has a lot of windows you may want to view the samples at different times of the day to see how they are affected by the blend of natural light, wall colors, and fabrics in a given space.  Obviously, you wouldn’t have this advantage were you to select products in a commercial space with heavy fluorescent or industrial lights


You may have seen an optical illusion like this one, where colors look different based on the adjacent colors. This graphic actually only contains three colors, green, white and pink.

color illusion one

See how the pink seems to look almost brown when it is adjacent to the green squares and much more pink when it is next to the white ones.

Our eyes view everything in context, so a shade of carpet that looks absolutely perfect in the store may be completely wrong next to your walls and furniture. Don’t trust your memory, trust your eyes and bring the samples home.


Maybe the best reason to invite us to your home for a free consultation is to give our Project Manager a chance to get to know more about your lifestyle, your traffic patterns use of the home, and particulars about your project. With these insights he or she will be able to learn and see first-hand which products are most suitable for your unique taste and requirements.

Save time

No more driving from showroom to showroom looking for your perfect floor – there’s a better way. Give us a call at 879-TISH and schedule your FREE in-home consultation today. We’ll work around your schedule. Evenings? Weekends? No problem!