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Carpeting Trends: Shorter, Tighter Patterns are In!

Short Pile Pattern Carpet

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to attend The International Surface Event for 2016. Held each year in Las Vegas, there is no better opportunity to see the newest innovations and carpet trends from flooring manufacturers.  This year in particular we were very impressed by Mohawk’s award-winning SmartStrand Forever Clean line, Shaw’s Anso Nylon introductions, and Beaulieu’s exciting new stylized product assortment – all of which can fill your home with help from Tish.

But going to the event also gives us a chance to catch up with longtime friends in the industry from around the country – from retailers and manufacturers to flooring designers. It gives us a chance to get their perspectives about product and service trends. This year a common theme came up across the board on the topic of carpet: shorter, denser, patterned carpets are on the rise. This is fantastic news for just about everyone as the most durable carpet construction types are now becoming the most fashionable.

When choosing a carpet style, durability and longevity are almost always a concern – whether you’re putting in new carpet to sell a home or you want it to perform for several years. Some of the factors that determine durability are the density of the carpet (how closely the fibers are packed), as well as the length of the carpet fibers (pile height or profile).  Styles with a lower profile, heavier weight, and density are better constructed to handle abrasive foot traffic over time.

Patterned carpet like this Optical Illusion Carpet allows homeowners to inject subtle style into their space while still being neutral enough to allow a great deal of freedom of choice in furniture, wallcoverings, and colors.


Here are a few recommended brands to take a look at for stylish dense patterned carpet:


Tuftex by Shaw – One of the biggest names on the market, Shaw Floors has consistently been a favorite of our customers, homeowners and Realtors alike. Shaw’s premier residential carpet brand, Tuftex Carpets, combines sophistication and reliability, with beautiful patterned nylon designs covered by a lifetime stain and abrasion warranty. One of our favorites is the Tuftex Del Sur Carpet.


Dixie Home Carpets – Dixie design focuses on fresh, easy-care designs that meet the needs of active lifestyles, and create an ambiance of simple, casual elegance. Short, patterned carpets are where Dixie Home shines, having more designs and colors than just about any other manufacturer. In particular, those with pets should look into Dixie’s Stainmaster Pet Protect, guaranteeing protection from every variety of pet stain and mess. Take a look at the Dixie Home Azure Carpet, with a subtle elegance great for a living room or parlor.


Beaulieu America – With possibly the widest selection of patterned textures and colors, Beaulieu is one of the leading manufacturers in both residential and commercial carpeting. For a somewhat casual carpet that radiates warmth and comfort, check out the Healthy Touch Sculptures design by Beaulieu.