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The Carpet Pre-Buying Bible


Buying carpet can be deceptively difficult. While it may seem like simply a matter of choosing the right color and texture to match your furniture, the savvy homeowner knows better. The carpet you choose is one you’ll likely have to live with for many years, so it’s wise to be armed with helpful tips before making your decision. Let’s take a look at what you need to know and keep in mind during the first steps of your carpet journey.


Know Thyself, Know Thy Carpet

Just because a carpet looked fantastic in a neighbor’s home or a glossy magazine doesn’t mean it will do so well in yours. Before you even look at samples, determine your needs versus your “wants”: How much foot traffic does this room get? Are pet accidents a concern? Is it near an outdoor exit? Ho wlong do you expect the carpet to last? The answers to these questions and others will help your flooring professional zero in on product collections that fit your specific needs – and more than likely you’ll “want” more than one of the styles to which he or she directs you!


Communicate Your Needs

Whether you have a handyman, friend or family member who will install your new carpet or if you prefer to have professionals handle the work, you need to clarify your questions and concerns right up front.  Worried about how all of the furniture will be handled or which area will be done first?  Worried about a pet slipping out the door, mess from the work, or loud noises during the project?  Or how about arrival and departure times or how long the work will take so you can plan?  All of these are valid inquiries. Having clear dialogue with your carpet provider in advance will help you set reasonable expectations for one another and pave the way for smooth running carpet installation.


Take Advantage of Samples

Possibly the most useful thing you can get from flooring professionals are samples. As wonderful as a carpet swatch may look at the showroom display, you may have different thoughts when you see it in your home lighting near your own furniture. You can also skip the trip to the store all together by scheduling a free, in-home consultation with one of our Tish pros: we bring flooring samples straight to your door – evenings and weekends are no problem!


Use Your Resources

In today’s world, there’s little reason not do all the research you can before making purchase decisions. Whether it’s consulting friends or family, talking to different flooring professionals, or consulting online resources like Tish’s Carpet Guide. Just a little bit of knowledge can be the difference between a great carpet-buying experience and a poor one.


Remember, you don’t have to be alone in your carpet-buying journey. The experienced staff at Tish Flooring is here to walk you through every step of the flooring process, from posing and helping to address questions you may not have even thought to ask all the way to proper care instructions for your new carpet. If you’re ready to start, drop us a line Get In Touch Today or call us at 317-879-TISH.