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The Kids are Back – Their Rooms are Gone

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It’s that time of year again. Rooms that have sat empty since September will once again be filled with clothes, music and laughter. That’s right, the holidays have arrived and with them come the kids, home from college.

Unless you immediately transformed your child’s room into a yoga studio or cinema room the minute the car pulled out of the driveway, their room probably looks the exact same, minus the stuff they took to college. And, as much as most college kids would love their rooms to stay the same while they’re away, it’s silly for a room to sit unused and not updated for four years. Before the holidays arrive, this may be the time to start the transition into a new space.

The Transition

College kids go through a lot of change in their first semester of school. So, it may be wise not to completely flip the room into something new all at once. Let them know that you’ll be planning a few new updates to the room, like switching out old carpet for new hardwood. If they like the idea of redecorating, ask them for a few suggestions. Once they’re home, you can talk over how they see the room being used and your vision for it. Then, as you transition the room, it may make it easier for them to deal with the change over time.

Creating a Hybrid

Even if you have agreed on a plan to turn the room into something new, consider that your student will probably be spending at least a few more holidays and summer breaks there. You’ll still need to keep a bed or pull-out couch in the room for them to sleep on. You may even want to keep the closet free for stuff they need to move home.

Home for the Holidays

Small changes now can lead to bigger ones in the new year and next summer. Pretty soon, the room will look exactly like you envision. But, for now, take time to absorb all the memories that were made in that childhood bedroom; it won’t be that way for too much longer. If your coed is having trouble with the room transition, you can help her feel more grounded by focusing on things that won’t change – celebrating your family’s holiday traditions.

If you’re ready to start the transition with flooring, let Tish Flooring bring hardwood or carpet samples to your home this holiday season. Our in-home consultations are free and no-pressure, so schedule your appointment today.