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What’s the Best Flooring for the Bedroom?

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Have you been tossing and turning, trying to sleep, while visions of flooring run through your head? From laminate to hardwood to plush carpeting, just how do you decide which is the best flooring for your bedroom? Read on to learn how to choose the flooring that will be best for how you live in your bedroom.

Surprisingly, it may depend on what you grew up with. If you grew up with carpet, you may remember how cozy carpet was. If you grew up with hardwood, you may be nostalgic for the richness and natural beauty. What we grew up with tends to be what we prefer when it comes to many things and bedroom flooring is no exception.

Here are some things to think about when trying to choose between wood and carpeting for bedrooms.

Carpeting for the Bedroom

In a room where comfort is the top priority, carpet is king. It gives children a soft place to play and provides warmth underfoot. A carpeted room dampens sound, quietly welcomes you, and offers a peaceful space to retreat. Most carpets simply require a little vacuuming in the traffic lane from time to time and almost all carpet is now made with impressive stain resistance features. Carpets today are also made to hold up to heavy traffic that can occur in the bedrooms and virtually all living spaces in the homes of active families.

Hardwood or Laminate for the Bedroom

Hardwood flooring steals the show when it comes to enriching a space and making an impression. They not only look great but they generally enhance the value of your home.  Of course, hardwood and laminate flooring are extremely durable and both can offer authenticity and dimension to natural décor themes in traditional or contemporary settings.

Need Help Deciding

So, which do you choose? Consider the pros and cons of each and decide which will be more suitable to your lifestyle. If you need help, the staff at Tish Flooring know the ins and outs of bedroom flooring and would be happy to discuss it with you. If you know what you’d like, schedule an appointment today at 879-TISH (8474) and we’ll bring flooring samples to your home at absolutely no obligation to you.