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Goodbye Wood Paneling, Hello Wood Wall Coverings

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Krescent wall covering from DuChâteau©

Mid-century modern homes can really pull off the wood paneling look. Today’s homes? Not so much. If you still have leftover paneling from the days of shag carpeting and 8-track players in the 21st century, it is most definitely time for an update.

A Minute of History on the Use of Wood in Mid-Century Homes

Mid-century architects valued the natural beauty of wood. Their goal was to bring nature indoors, to make the line between indoors and outdoors as minimal as possible. Wood coverings, coupled with expansive floor-to-ceiling windows and tall stone fireplaces, made mid-century homes appear to be a part of, not a contrast to, the land they stood on.

Fast forward 20 years and wood paneling is ubiquitous. Homes that had only a shadow of mid-century design principles installed (often fake) wood paneling everywhere. Because many of these homes didn’t have the large windows and open floor plans of the original mid-century homes, wood paneling contributed to making rooms look dark and feel small. It quickly became tacky and clichéd to have wood paneling in a home.

Wood Wall Coverings for the 21st Century

Don’t fret, though, the warmth and aesthetic of the original wood paneling were not gone forever. It’s re-emerged in the form of wood wall coverings and is more gorgeous than ever. Brands like the luxe DuChâteau© have created textured wall coverings that work for homeowners wanting to bring the feel of a natural wood indoors in a unique and dramatic way.

Take a look at some of the attractive patterns. From chevron to wave, the patterns of these walnut and white oak wood coverings are more akin to artwork. Not only are they visually stunning but they offer a tactile sensation–they’re fun to touch and run your fingers along to feel the way they “move”. Above all, they are simply beautiful to look at, even as a standalone piece.


Scale | Reckt wall covering from DuChâteau©

Where to Use Textured Wood Wall Coverings

Due to the impressive visual these wood wall coverings create, it’s best to keep this on one wall in a room or the look could get overwhelming. They really work best as an accent in dining rooms, bedrooms, entryways, offices and anywhere that needs a natural, yet modern, touch. Unlike the clichéd wood paneling of the past, these are unlikely to ever go out of style.

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