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Resilient Tile

Like fashion, flooring trends change over time. Linoleum, once a popular flooring style for many homes, has evolved into the incredibly popular resilient tile and plank flooring. Keep reading to learn why resilient flooring has become so popular with homeowners and has transformed into one of the fastest growing areas in the flooring industry.

LVT & LVP: Resilient Varieties

Resilient tile or plank, which is sometimes called luxury vinyl tile (“LVT”) or luxury vinyl plank (“LVP”) is different than other vinyl flooring because of the way it is manufactured. New styles of resilient tile and plank flooring are created with 3D printing technology. This technology adds depth, realism and durability to the flooring. It can capture the exact same character and graining you find in real, natural hardwood flooring, but it is much less expensive. And the labor costs are much lower as well. You can also purchase LVT flooring in textured stone tile looks that are almost identical to natural stone. The untrained eye can’t tell the difference!

LVT flooring is easy to keep clean. Often you only need to use a damp mop and mild agents to keep it looking brand new. Most LVT flooring is water resistant which makes it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. It’s softer to walk on than natural hardwood and stone flooring and is quieter under foot. LVT flooring is resistant to scratches, scuffs and dents which makes it perfect for busy families with pets. Also, most LVT flooring can be used over radiant heat floors. It can be installed on all levels of the home and insulates sound, which makes it great for basements, entryways and laundry rooms.

Affordable and Versatile

LVT flooring allows you to be as creative as you want to be when choosing flooring for any room in your home. We have a large selection of styles, from tile and stone to hardwood and bamboo, in an almost unlimited amount of color choices. LVT flooring is manufactured in a variety of sizes; whether you want small or large square tiles, hexagon or polygon shapes, or narrow or wide planks, you can achieve your design dreams with LVT flooring!

Your favorite flooring manufacturers like Congoleum, Armstrong, Shaw and Mohawk are creating beautiful styles of LVT flooring that are affordable and on trend. LVT flooring is the way of the future. It’s durable, warm and comfortable and maintenance is a breeze. The next time you’re looking at flooring options for your home, don’t count out LVT flooring.

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