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Add Mojo with Bold Tile

Harry 005Move over boring, plain white tile and make way for exciting, bold and pattered styles. Whether your design tastes lean towards Moroccan inspired designs, modern geometric styles or patterned tiles, adding a new, fresh look to your home with bold tile will make your floors the centerpiece of any room in your home. Here are some ways to revamp your space with bold tile.

  1. Make a subtle statement with black and white patterned tiles

Black and white is a classic color combination that will never go out of style. For a chic, modern look choose black and white patterned tiles and mix them natural materials like wood and concrete. Add plenty of white to keep the room looking fresh. Adding large scale, patterned tiles to a small bathroom is great design trick because they have fewer floor lines. This means there is less visual “chopping”, making your small bathroom look bigger.

  1. Create a modern space with geometric tiles

Use non-traditional tile shapes to create a pattern with a unique arrangement of your own. Rectangles, octagons, and mosaics add interest to the kitchen, bathroom and entry way. They can withstand heavy wear and tear, and more importantly, water. Using geometric tiles in bedrooms, dining room and living rooms is a fun, new way to incorporate tile into your home in unexpected ways. It’s all how you mix and match different shapes to create a visual theme that sets your space apart.

  1. Let your imagination run wild and add tile to your walls

Create an accent wall in any room with tile. Your options are endless! Adding tile to a wall will make a big impact, particularly in smaller spaces. If you’re adding tile to the walls in your kitchen or bathroom, choose a style that is waterproof and stain-resistant. Ceramic tiles are a popular choice because they are durable and budget-friendly. You can choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and finishes. Read this blog post for more ways to incorporate tile into your décor.

Adding bold, vibrant tiles to your home is an easy way to transform a space. There are hundreds of different styles you can choose from to create a space that is truly unique. For more information about the different types of tile available at Tish Flooring, give us a call at 317-879-8474 or visit our store today.