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Why You Need Waterproof Flooring

We get it, life happens. Spills and stains are unavoidable and you’re flooring shouldn’t have to take a beating. That’s why waterproof resilient flooring is the answer to combating life’s messes. Here are just a few of the benefits of this fast-growing flooring category.

It’s Great for Basements

Choosing the right waterproof flooring for a basement can make all of the difference when it comes to locking out moisture. Basements are prone to excess moisture, which can lead to a damp environment or even water damage. The keys are to first, eliminate any moisture problems before laying the flooring and second, choose a product that is water-resistant or one that is waterproof. A waterproof style like Tish Flooring’s COREY Resilient Plank is a great option for covering a basement floor. It allows for easy cleanup when leaks and spills occur and comes in a number of gorgeous finishes.

It’s Easy to Clean

Is there any other room in your house more prone to spills than your kitchen? The answer is no. Keeping your kitchen floors clean can be a constant battle and it requires a lot of time and energy. Give yourself and your mop a break and install waterproof flooring. It can easily stand up to tough spills and stains. It’s like it was made just for your kitchen!

Don’t Forget about the Bathroom

Bathrooms are the wettest rooms in your home, so why would you choose any other style of flooring besides water-resistant resilient flooring? Choose a style that mimics the look and feel of real tile, but doesn’t cost you a small fortune to install. Waterproof flooring will help you manage leaks and excess moisture buildup in your bathroom, too. Resilient flooring is also much softer underfoot than tile or hardwood flooring. This is helpful in bathrooms where slip-and-fall accidents are common on wet floors, or for folks who need more “give” underfoot.

Waterproof flooring and water-resistant flooring offers endless benefits and you have a wide variety of styles to work with from your favorite flooring brands. Whether you are redesigning your basement, kitchen or bathroom, there’s a style of waterproof flooring for any room in your home. Stop by Tish Flooring today to see some of the latest styles in water proof flooring, or visit our website for more information.

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