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Bring the Look of Hardwood into Your Kitchen with Resilient Flooring

The kitchen is not the place for hardwood floors. Your kitchen will encounter numerous spills and stains, and your gorgeous hardwood flooring will take a beating. But if you love the look and feel of hardwood, you can still incorporate it into your kitchen by installing resilient flooring!

The kitchen is usually one of the busiest and most popular places in the home. You and your family members are in and out of the kitchen multiple times a day, so you’ll need a floor that can stand up to heavy traffic. Resilient flooring mimics the look and feel of real hardwood flooring, but it is softer, warmer underfoot, less expensive to install (it can often go right over your existing floor surface, eliminating high demolition costs) and extremely resistant to stains or fading. What’s not to like?

Cleaning resilient flooring is a breeze. While real hardwood will require a lot more TLC, you can sweep or vacuum resilient flooring with ease. It’s the perfect flooring choice if you have pets. You won’t have to worry about Fluffy or Fido’s claws scratching up your gorgeous hardwood floors. Resilient flooring is super durable so your flooring will stay in great condition for years to come.

You can still achieve the look of hardwood in your kitchen by installing resilient flooring. Tish Flooring has a wide variety of brands, styles and finishes for you to choose from. Your options are endless and our team of flooring experts will help you find exactly what you need. Are you ready to check out some flooring samples? Call us at 317-879-8474 or visit our website today!

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