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Protect Your Hardwood Floors From Cold Weather

As sad as we are to say goodbye to summer, the team at Tish Flooring is very excited for cooler temperatures. It’s finally time to pull out those sweaters, coats and scarves, and start sipping pumpkin spice lattes. Fall is officially here. But the arrival of cooler temperatures means you are going to have to start taking extra precautions when it comes to protecting your hardwood floors. Cold weather can cause quite a bit of damage if you’re not prepared. Here are some ways you can protect your hardwood floors this fall.

Buy a Welcome Mat

A welcome mat is not only a cute way to invite guests into your home, but it will also help protect your hardwood floors. When you don’t have a welcome mat for people to wipe their dirty shoes off on, they are going to track that dirt, grit and other abrasives into your home and across your hardwood floors. That’s not good. Rocks, pebbles, gravel, dirt and debris can ruin your floors. Over time, these unattended abrasives can cause visible scratches in flooring. Those scratches are not easy or inexpensive to fix. Go a step further and ask guests to take their shoes off when they enter your home. Be particularly cautious with women’s stiletto heels. Using these tips will definitely prolong the new-looking luster of your hardwood flooring for many years.

Humidity is Key

When the cold weather arrives, your first instinct will be to crank up the heat. Heat can cause excessive dryness in your home which, if not moderated, could damage your hardwood floors. Add moisture to your home environment with a whole home humidifier. A whole home humidifier attaches to the furnace and reaches most of the conditioned rooms in your house. This relatively inexpensive appliance stabilizes humidity throughout your home. A constant flow of humidity in your home limits the expansion and contraction of hardwood flooring. This greatly limits the possibility of cupping, peaking or damage to the urethane finish. Your hardwood floors will stay in great condition all winter long. Portable humidifiers might be a cheap, quick solution, but you may have to service or replace them frequently. Also, depending on the type of portable humidifier you buy, the capacity may be insufficient in terms of keeping the humidity range within your flooring manufacturer’s guidelines. Don’t let your beautiful hardwood floors dry out.

Prepare your hardwood floors for cooler temperatures by making easy changes, like purchasing a welcome mat. Minimize abrasives by sweeping regularly in high traffic areas. Watch out for stilettos, especially if the protective cap is missing and the steel shaft is exposed! Think long term and invest in a whole home humidifier. It will allow you to condition your home properly and protect your product warranty. Interested in learning more about hardwood flooring? Give Tish Flooring a call at 317-879-8474 or visit today!

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