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Got to Have it: Plush Carpet for Your Bedroom

There are so many new flooring options these days. But sometimes, you just crave the feeling of sinking your toes into soft, plush carpet. Maybe it goes back to our childhood; a safe and private bedroom or the family room, where time was spent sitting on the carpet with games or TV and family and friends.

Plush carpet, especially those made of today’s softer yarns, is the kind that feels like you are walking on a cloud – “cotton underfoot” comes to mind.


Plush Carpeting is Warm & Cozy

It keeps your bare feet warm during the colder months so you don’t have to put on socks or search for slippers every single time you get out of bed. Colder temperatures are on their way and plush carpeting will keep you warm and cozy. Carpeting does more than you think, though, much more than just keeping you warm.

With heavy carpet cushion, some installed carpets are supportive for knees or hips that need forgiveness throughout the day. And most are fully warranted for superior stain resistance and durability. Stay warm and enjoy a long-lasting investment in which you can luxuriate, who doesn’t love that?

Plush carpet is soft, warm and incredibly cozy. It’s great for bedrooms and spaces where softness and comfort underfoot are most important. Interested in seeing some samples? Give us a call at 317-879-8474 or visit today for more information!