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What You Need to Know About Wool Carpet

When you think of wool you usually think of warm sweaters, scarves and mittens. It’s cozy, luxurious and also a great choice when it comes to carpet. Wool carpeting comes in a variety of different colors, patterns and textures. It is lavish and plush and great for keeping cold feet warm. Are you considering purchasing new carpet for your home? Here are some reasons you should choose wool.

Wool fiber carpets are made from the hair of sheep, just like your cozy sweaters. What makes wool so special is that it is a naturally resilient, durable fiber. Some wool carpets last up to 60 years or more if properly cared for. Wool will keep you nice and warm because it has natural insulation properties. This characteristic prevents heat loss and also generates heat from absorbing moisture. So it’s warm, soft and comfortable during winter. And, in the summertime, wool carpets actually reduce heat from rising through the floor and use up the heat to release moisture. This creates a cool touch and a comfortable environment for your family.

Worried about stains and spills? Wool carpeting is very easy to care for. Because wool is a natural fiber, it has a built-in resistance to stains due to its natural oils. Wool has a nice protective layer that acts as a barrier against liquids. This allows you time to blot out the spill before the liquid has a chance to absorb into the carpet and cause a real problem.

Once again, Mother Nature got it right: Wool is a great choice if you are looking to invest in quality carpeting for your home. The benefits of wool carpet are endless, so what are you waiting for? Give Tish Flooring a call at 317-879-TISH or visit to schedule your free in-home estimate today!