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Design News: The New Neutral

Fashion and home décor trends come and go, but some stick around long enough to become classics. Various shades of neutral colors like beige and brown have been the go-to choice of carpet colors for years. However, the design world has recently seen a shift from traditional neutrals to cooler, more modern tones.

Different shades of gray are replacing more traditional beiges, tans and caramels. This allows you to really play up a space with different colors and textures. Gray has become such a huge trend in paint colors for homes that the trend has started to transition into carpeting. Different shades of gray will contain one of three undertones; purple, blue or green. Green-based grays are typically the most neutral. They tend to compliment a wide range of wood tones and other colors. Warm grays a great for living rooms. Soft, textured carpet with a velvet-like finish looks exquisite in various gray tones. Gray carpet allows you to play with vivacious décor and colorful designs. Highlight any shade of gray carpet with patterned wallpaper, accent pillows or an area rug.

So what colors pair with gray carpet the best? Reds and oranges look beautiful with gray carpet. The rich, warm tones provide a nice contrast to the cooler flooring. Gray, brown, orange and coral are also popular color combinations. If you are not into warm tones, go for a monochromatic approach. Light gray carpet looks great when paired with a darker shade of gray painted on the walls. Keep your furniture neutral and use white as an accent color to make the space feel brighter. If you are going for a bold, look-at-me, style of décor, try pairing fuchsia with gray and pops of white. Now that is a color combination that will grab people’s attention! If you are looking for a more classic and timeless color combination, try navy, beige and gray. You are essentially combining three neutral colors together so make sure you incorporate some patterned pieces into the space to add visual interest.

Neutrals are anything but boring! There are so many different ways to incorporate gray into your home décor. Whether you choose to highlight the color in your carpet or feature it in every room in your house, consider gray here to stay. Call Tish Flooring at 317-879-8474 or visit our website today to schedule your free in-home estimate today!