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Make Your Flooring Fun with Patterned Carpet

Patterned carpet is a great way to add a unique spin to your home décor. It brings new life to an old space and can serve as fun accent piece. Patterned carpet also adds visual interest to a room. However, we do recommend being strategic about how and where you use it in your home. It works well for certain spaces, but not your whole house. Here are some ideas for where to install patterned carpet in your home.

Orvieto Patterned Carpet

Theater Room

Do you have a theater room that could use a new splash of color or dimension? Patterned carpet is an easy way to make your theater room livelier. Heck, some patterns are available with graphics of popcorn, film reels, tickets stubs, etc., just as you’d see in a megaplex. There are also much softer, subtle patterns that are dressier and don’t have all of the loud colors. Try to stay away from lighter colors since they can reflect light from the television screen. This beautiful black and white patterned carpet would be perfect for your theater room.

Play Room

Play rooms are supposed to be fun and funky, which means patterned carpet is a must-have for this space. There are so many great options to choose from that will make your children’s play room an exciting and unique part of your home. You should consider a patterned carpet that is stain resistant since this room will probably be home to a lot of art projects or spilled food and drink.


Mixing patterned carpets on your stairs with solid carpets in your living room or family room is a great way to add style to your home. Graphic carpets look great on stairs and give your space dimension. Combining patterned carpet on your stairs with solid carpet in your living room creates a sharp contrast. Just make sure you choose colors that are complimentary of each other. The stairs will become a focal point, and you won’t have to commit to a full room of patterned carpet if you don’t want to.

Patterned carpet adds drama, interest and a unique sense of style to your home. It’s great for home theater rooms and play rooms. Can’t commit to a full room of patterned carpet? Try installing it on your stairs.  Break up your solid flooring with some fun and exciting patterned carpet. Want to see what styles Tish Flooring has to offer? Visit our showroom or check out today!