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The Results Are In: 2014 Realtor Survey

At the beginning of April we sent out a survey in our monthly Realtor email newsletter so we could get some valuable information to help us better serve our customers. We also wanted our customers to get a better understanding of where experts saw the market going, and what local Realtors would recommend to their clients who are looking to sell their homes in the upcoming months. The results were quite interesting.

The first question we asked was, “What you think home prices will be like in 2014?” We received an overwhelming number of responses, 77.9 percent to be exact, from Realtors predicting home prices will be higher on average in 2014 than 2013. The March 2014 National Housing Trend Report, published by, showed increased growth in inventory and days the on market in 2014 compared to 2013. This growth combined with reserved price increases shows more promise for this year’s market than last year’s around spring time.

The second question we asked was, “When your seller has older carpet, are you more likely to suggest that they invest in professional cleaning, replace the carpet or offer a carpet allowance to the buyer?” This time almost everyone surveyed agreed and voted that home owners should replace their carpeting before putting their house on the market. Some other Realtors would suggest offering a carpet allowance to the buyer, but that choice only received 7 percent of the total votes.

Finally, the last question in the survey asked Realtors, “If your seller has older hardwood floors are you more likely to suggest that they sand and refinish, replace or offer a flooring allowance to the buyer?” When it came to hardwood flooring, 83 percent of Realtors would suggest their client’s sand and refinish their floors instead of investing in brand new hardwood floors. However, 11 percent of Realtors surveyed would offer the buyer a flooring allowance.

We hope the results of this survey helped shed some light on how Realtors are viewing the current market. Whether you are buying or selling, keep these facts in mind when speaking to a Realtor. Realtors know the housing market better than anyone, so you can trust their judgment when it comes to big issues like replacing your carpet or hardwood flooring before you sell your home. Do you need some more information about the flooring options offered at Tish Flooring? Give us a call at 317-879-TISH or visit!