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Designing the Perfect Tile Shower Bench

Bathrooms are becoming an increasingly important part of our homes. We spend time there every day to unwind, escape, and yes, get clean. As a result, bathrooms are getting bigger. In many cases, you’re not looking at a tub/shower combination anymore. Now, many homes include walk-in showers that allow for greater comfort—and greater design potential. With tile showers becoming the new normal in home design, the tile shower bench is quickly becoming a key component to a luxurious home.

Tiled Shower Bench

Add luxury and function with a tile shower bench

One way to maximize both the look and functionality of your shower is to add a tile shower bench. In some cases, these benches are functional and help those with special needs access the shower. But the right bench can also transform your shower into a luxurious retreat and make it easier to use special features of your shower, such as steam. Benches can be purely utilitarian or become a focal point of the room; it all depends on your space and your tastes.

In a smaller space, your best bet is likely a small corner shower bench. Usually triangular in shape, these benches help you make the most of any shower space. Looks can range from a “floating” bench, usually anchored underneath by a bracket, to a more substantial seat with a full front. This option gives you more design choices, as you can turn even a small bench into a design statement with a decorative tile pattern on the front. Or keep things sleek and simple with a classic material like marble.


Choose the shower bench option that fits your lifestyle

If you’re lucky enough to have a larger shower, you’ve got more bench options. A full-length bench running across the back of your shower is a popular choice for both comfort and convenience. And from there, the options are nearly endless. A tiled “lip” can be extended over the edge of the bench, adding weight and interest. Or if you’re really adventurous, you can spring for a curvilinear bench. Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? It simply means a bench with a curved edge or other free-form architectural details.

If you need some help determining what’s right for your shower bench, Tish Flooring would be honored to help. We’ll inspect your shower and make a recommendation for you based on the size of your shower, your personal needs and preferences and the overall aesthetic you’d like to achieve. There is definitely a mix of artistry and technical expertise required for shower tile projects and Tish as has staff with deep experience to walk you through the process. Contact us for more information.

Or if you’re in the market for tile flooring but want some more info before you talk to a pro, check out our free Tile Flooring Guide!