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3 Steps to Help You Buy New Flooring

If you recently decided to sell or buy a new home, or renovate your current home, you probably want new flooring. Whether it is tile, carpet or hardwood floors, there are a lot of options for you to consider and it can quickly become overwhelming. Sure, you think you know what you want, but then you step into the Tish Flooring showroom and you’re instantly surrounded by hundreds of options. Do you still want carpet or hardwood, or do you want tile now? But wait, what about laminate flooring? Suddenly the flooring you thought you wanted doesn’t even matter anymore and now you’re more confused than you were before you walked in!

Don’t let the process of buying new flooring make your head explode. Use these three simple steps to help make the floor buying process smoother.

Step 1

First things first, you need to gather up your resources. Do you get your inspiration from a website like, do you have a Pinterest board dedicated to home décor, or have you compiled pages ripped out of magazines that show flooring ideas you really love? Great! Get all of your flooring dreams together in one place and look for similarities or trends. Do you tend to like darker, rustic looking hardwood flooring? Are you pinning photos of living rooms with similar carpet colors and textures? These are all things to consider to help you narrow down flooring you like and don’t like.

Also, you’ll want to consider the rest of your home décor when choosing new flooring. Will your new flooring reflect the current look of your home, or will it look too different from the rest of the décor? Are you redecorating one room, or the whole first floor of your home? Are you leaning toward themes that are traditional/classic or contemporary/modern? Don’t forget to consider your current décor unless you are redecorating your entire home.

Step 2

Having a rough estimate of your space before going to a showroom is extremely helpful and beneficial to the floor buying process. If possible, try to get a general idea of the room’s size and the type of subfloor in the affected areas, i.e. concrete, plywood, etc. You’ll save yourself a wasted trip by being able to answer the right questions so you use your time in the showroom wisely. The worst thing to do is be unprepared, especially if you need to meet a specific deadline.

Step 3

Set a budget. This is very important. You definitely need to know how much you are willing to spend on new floors before you even set foot in a store. Why? If you have a rock solid budget before visiting a showroom you’ll know exactly what styles of carpet or hardwood flooring are affordable for you and which options are out of your league. If you don’t set a solid budget before visiting a showroom you might get attached to style of flooring that you later find out you cannot afford. Avoid the heartbreak and get your budged locked down early. Also, keep your eye out for sales and promotions. Don’t be afraid to ask about discounts either!

Buying new flooring is supposed to be fun! Don’t get overwhelmed by the process. Plan ahead, stay organized and set a budget and you will have nothing to worry about. Do you need some more information about the flooring options offered at Tish Flooring? Give us a call at 317-879-TISH or visit!