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Trends for Spring 2014, Part II – Large Format Tiles

Part two of our trends for spring blog series is all about large format ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles. These tiles can easily modernize the look and feel of your home, evoking a more simplistic, clean look, but with a contemporary edge. If you’re going for a fresh look this spring, large format tiles need to find a place in your home.

Say goodbye to the super small tiles and outdated patterns you usually find at Grandma’s house. Large format tiles are all about clean lines and customization. You have the ability to choose the size, shape, color and texture of the tiles so your flooring has a more personalized feel. Coordinating the right color and texture will elevate the look of a room without having to redesign the entire space.

Large format tiles allow you to turn your kitchen into a gourmet dining area, or your bathroom into a relaxing, upscale spa. They tend to look best when used in a large, open floor plan, but if the design of the room is right they can transform a smaller bathroom – and there are often coordinating, smaller tiles offered for these more intimate spaces if you prefer. Go for large, square tiles or mix and match square and rectangular tiles in order to set a chic, unexpected tone in a space that is calling out for a new statement. Create a one-of-a-kind space with the help of a Tish Project Manager.  Most of them have minimum 15 years’ experience and they are well-versed in advising on large format applications.

Large format tiles look like they would cost you a fortune, but many are actually very affordable. Since large format tiles cover more space than traditional, smaller sizes, you have fewer grout lines, thus less maintenance = less to worry about. You will be able to keep your bathroom or kitchen fresh without spending your whole day scrubbing the floor. If you despise cleaning as much as we do, these are a great option!

Give your home new life this spring with large format tiles. They are modern, sophisticated and will last you a lifetime. Let us help you construct new patterns with various sizes and shapes to create a space that is unique to your design taste. For more information about large format tiles check us out at or call 317-879-TISH!