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Handcrafted Mexican Tiles

Winter has slowly come to an end (fingers crossed) to make room for beautiful springtime weather. This means you need to make room for spring updates in your home. Not sure where to start, or what trends you should be investing in this year? Don’t worry. Tish Flooring has all of the information you need about one of the hottest trends for your home. Handcrafted Mexican tiles are a great way to liven up your home décor. They are colorful, vibrant and add so much character and charm to any room in your home.

Let’s start with a little history about the tiles. These decorative tiles were originally created for churches and monasteries during the Spanish colonization of Mexico. There became a large demand for the tiles outside of Mexico, so they quickly began exporting them to Europe and other regions around the world.

Handcrafted Mexican tiles feature intricate, hand painted designs that vary from traditional floral patterns to modern geometric styles. While technically they are floor tiles, they are most commonly used as a backsplash behind the kitchen counter or as an accent wall in your kitchen or bathroom. They add a pop of color and punctuation to any space.

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The tiles tend to have a subdued, matte finish which makes them look modern, instead of campy or too cartoony for your living space. The use of various colors in the patterns also allows you to play with multiple colors in your space. You can easily pull one of the prominent colors from the tile design and feature it on another wall in the room. Or you can match your bathroom or kitchen towels to one of the colors featured in the tile pattern to pull the entire room together. They infuse charm, interest and ambiance to your home.

For some, an accent wall of just patterned tiles might be too much. Break up the pattern and add some contrast by alternating with solid colored tiles. This will keep the design and colors of the tiles from overwhelming the space. These tiles come in various sizes so you can customize your design to fit your space perfectly.

Give your home new life this spring by adding beautiful, handcrafted tiles to your space. The vibrant colors and intricate patterns bring a personalized touch to any room in your home. Come see all of the various patterns available at Tish Flooring today!