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You Are the General of Your Flooring Project

Who’s really in charge of your flooring project (or any home renovation project, for that matter)? No, it’s not the installation foreman. Nor the owner of the flooring company. No, you should be firmly in the driver’s seat of any project in your home. Everyone else should be focused on serving you in every way possible.

Your flooring team should be there to offer advice when you’re still in the purchasing process. It means they should give you professional guidance on what they think would work best in a certain space or with a certain décor, but it’s ultimately your call. You should never, ever be pressured into making a decision. The exception, of course, is if your choice of flooring simply can’t be installed the way you envisioned due to technical limitations. Otherwise, no one should take your choices away from you.

But even after the purchasing your flooring, you’re still in charge of your installation. Here are some of the things you should have complete control over during the installation process:

  • What dates the installation takes place. While you should give a reasonable length of lead time in which to order, schedule, and complete the job. it  If the estimated delivery dates your flooring company originally gives you are inconvenient, ask for a different set of dates or other alternatives.
  • What times workers are in your home. If you don’t want the installers in before 8 a.m. or onsite after 6 p.m., that’s perfectly fine. We want to minimize the disruption to your life, so tell your flooring company what’s going to work best for you. Do recognize that if you have tight work hours, it may take longer to complete your project.
  • What else can we do? Want our team to only enter through a certain door? Tell them. You can also tell them to use a certain bathroom, stay out of certain areas, make sure the cat doesn’t get out or anything else that makes your life easier. Again, the installation process should be as smooth as possible. Just tell us how we can best make the experience a positive one for you.

At Tish Flooring, we’re built around being flexible for our customers. Our Project Managers see to it that your needs come first. See what makes us different by scheduling your FREE, in-home estimate today.