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Hot Flooring Trends: Painted Floors

From a quaint cottage in the south of France to a modern and chic Manhattan apartment, painted floors are making a major statement in interior design and décor. They allow you to breathe life into new floors or simply take an off-the-shelf flooring product and make it your own. It adds a touch that’s at once homey and eclectic, and just adds elegance and class to any space.

The most popular flooring to paint on is wood. From simply turning plain pine planks into a shocking burst of color (think sage green or country blue) to adding an intricate pattern (everything from checkerboard patterns to elaborate stencils), it can add a truly one-of-a-kind air to any room. Plus, wood is fairly easy to paint on. In many cases, it will be easier if the flooring is unfinished (that is, hasn’t been treated with polyurethane) or has been stripped. Those protective coatings are designed to keep most things from penetrating into the wood of your floors, including paint. You can paint on a finished surface, but be aware they’ll fade more quickly. In some cases, that might be exactly what you want for a rustic and authentic feel. In others, you might want to keep that color bolder, longer, so consider your options. Besides hardwood, you can also paint directly on top of poured concrete floors, laminate, vinyl or linoleum. Depending on the product, it may take the paint more or less well, so no matter what your “canvas,” test in a small, inconspicuous spot first to make sure you understand how it will take the paint.

Speaking of paint, use paint labeled “floor paint” or “porch paint.” In most cases, you’ll want to go with an oil-based option for the longest wear.

Painting your floors is surprisingly easy in most cases. Rough the floor with sandpaper and vacuum up the dust. Then simply use a roller brush to spread the paint on the floor and let it dry. That’s it! Paint formulated for floors doesn’t need a clear coating on top, so you’re done. If you’re feeling fancy, experiment using stencils to create simple checkerboards or even spell out words on the floor.

Whether you’re trying to breathe new life into tired old floors or just want to try a new look, a coat of paint can work wonders on your floors. Or if you’re ready for a replacement, just contact Tish Flooring, an Indianapolis flooring company. We’ll help you find a perfect, fashionable look just for you.