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Getting Ready for Spring: Preparing to Sell or Refresh Your House

Here in Indianapolis, we’ve all been dealing with a big dose of winter for the past few weeks. But at Tish Flooring, we’re tired of it! It’s time to plan for spring: warmer temperatures, flowers, and getting your house in shape. Spring is the time to put your house on the market or undertake a few projects to refresh your home, but winter is the time to get ready for projects, especially flooring projects. Here’s what you should start thinking about now in order to be ready for spring project season:

  • Start zeroing in on your goals. Too many people head into a flooring project without knowing what their goals are, but that’s actually an important part of the process. Your goal could be to get your home sold. It could be to replace your current flooring with one that will last you for the next decade, or it could be to have one that will last you just a few years until you move out. Align your flooring goals with your foreseeable life plans and you’ve got a great starting point.
  • Think about your needs. Every family is different. Maybe you need flooring that will stand up to your pet’s scratchy, dirty paws or flooring that will work with a family member’s wheelchair. Identify any special needs you might have, and be ready to communicate that to your flooring estimator. Establish a budget. They’ll be able to help steer you in the right direction.
  • Think about your wants. Okay, so maybe you need resilient (or vinyl) flooring to stand up to the punishment your kids and pets dish out. That doesn’t mean you still don’t want a particular look and feel for your home. Are you trying to lighten up a dark room, make a bold statement or create a neutral canvas? Your floor can help you achieve each of these things.
  • Ask your friends and family about flooring companies. Once you’ve identified some general ideas about what you want and need when it comes to floors, start asking people you trust for referrals to great Indianapolis flooring companies. Gather together a list of 3-5 companies, then start doing some Internet research. Don’t assume you know what a company’s prices will be; at Tish Flooring, we may be small and local but our prices are consistently less than big box stores. This leads us to…
  • Get estimates. Don’t settle for one estimate just because the price seems okay. Try to get

Get three different estimates from three different companies. Each will have a different approach to how they install flooring, what they recommend from a design perspective, and of course, price. Get a range of opinions and work with the company that makes you feel the most comfortable. Then, when you’re ready in the spring, you’ve got a great company all picked out to help you with your new flooring. But start now!

Of course, we hope you’ll give us the chance to come into your home and give you an honest, fair estimate for your flooring. Schedule your in-home flooring consultation today.