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Warm Your Toes with Radiant Heated Flooring

Tile floors are beautiful and practical, especially in bathrooms or kitchens. The downside? They can be ice cold under your feet. With winter coming up, don’t spend another year shuffling around in house slippers or just plain freezing. It’s time to look into heated floors.

There are radiant heat systems installed under floors that take the place of your furnace and heat your whole house using hot water or electricity. That isn’t what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about gentle, soothing warmth under your feet when you step out of the shower or wake up in the morning. Imagine having a floor that’s always just the right temperature. That’s what radiant flooring can do for you.

Today, the simplest heated flooring systems use electric heat. Coils of wires are attached to mesh matting that’s applied over the subfloor but on top of your tile, stone or even laminate flooring. There are some under floor heaters that will work under carpet or hardwood, but most people install radiant heat in their bathrooms, so tile or stone are popular choices—especially since they get so cold. These heating systems can increase the temperature of your floors by up to 15°, which can be a huge difference on frosty Indianapolis mornings. That temperature is usually controlled by a thermostat, just like it is with your regular heating and cooling system.

Most people think of radiant heated flooring as an unattainable luxury that’s just for the super-rich. But the fact is, they’re an affordable indulgence for anyone looking for a more spa-like experience in their bathroom or kitchen. That mat-like construction we mentioned means that a qualified tile and stone installer can take care of most of your radiant heat needs. Of course, it will add to your cost per square foot, but many homeowners notice a decrease in their energy costs, thanks to the gentle, even heat given off by their radiant floors.

The best time to install radiant heat flooring is when you’re already replacing your floors. Take that time to truly give yourself a luxurious experience. Why not consider adding a heated towel rack to your bathroom, too? Say goodbye to bunny slippers and hello to an all-over warmth that will help you on Indiana’s coldest mornings and chilliest nights.

If you’re interested in a new radiant floor, contact Tish Flooring. We’ll take a look at your home and help you find the right heating mechanism and floor for your needs.