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Finding Beauty in Reclaimed Flooring

You know how George Clooney just seems to get more handsome with age? Wood floors can be that way, too. There’s something about the way wood matures, how it gets unique lines and scars, the way its color mellows and the texture becomes soft and smooth. Unfortunately, it can take decades or even centuries of use before a floor gets all those imperfections that give it such character. What if you want that look right now?

The answer is reclaimed wood flooring. Reclaimed wood is taken from all kinds of sources—old houses, old barns, warehouses, you name it. We even have a supplier who dredges cypress logs retrieved from rivers across the Southern United States. In that case, the wood is sitting there unused, but in the case of reclaimed wood from buildings, the structures are usually on the demolition block or otherwise undergoing major repairs and renovations and have no use for the old wood. Some of it is taken and made into furniture, but some of it makes its way onto the flooring market.

Every piece of reclaimed lumber has its own story and history. By bringing it into your home, you get to preserve that history and keep that wood in use, rather than letting it sit in a landfill. It’s the ultimate in reduce, reuse and recycle. Reclaimed wood is one of the greenest products available, because nothing is actually being manufactured. The trees that make up the flooring were felled, in many cases, more than a hundred years ago. By extending its life, you not only wind up with a gorgeous and absolutely one-of-a-kind floor, you’re also honoring a rich legacy of craftsmen and reducing our need to cut trees today.

Reclaimed lumber flooring can be surprisingly affordable, but if you’re not willing to make the plunge just yet, you may want to consider a few different options. Distressed hardwood flooring is new lumber that’s purposefully scraped, gouged, burned and otherwise damaged to give it that same time-worn look as distressed. You get the durability and quality of a new product with the stunning look of reclaimed lumber. Then there are laminate flooring options.

Even laminate flooring is getting in on the act. This composite material is patterned to give it the texture of an old-school barn or church floor. It’s a beautiful and affordable look, especially for those who need a little more durability in their flooring.

If you’re considering reclaimed hardwood, give us a call. We can help you find some of the best suppliers in the country or locate an alternative you’ll love just as much.