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Matching Flooring to Your Décor

When it comes to choosing flooring, there are no hard and fast rules. A great deal of it is about your personal preferences, your durability needs and your budget. But there are a few rules of thumb about which colors and types of flooring fit into various types of home decoration. Here are some basic rules to follow:

If Your Home Is Traditional: If you live in a colonial, craftsman or other classic style house, you probably want to keep to a more traditional décor. Hardwood flooring is always a classic choice, usually tending more toward thinner board widths and darker colors. Laminate or vinyl designed to look like hardwood in corresponding colors can be great choices if you have pets, small kids or other durability concerns.

When it comes to choosing a carpet type, plush, patterns and textured plush are textures that are typically associated with traditional spaces. Clean lines and a rich carpet face enhance dark, heavy furniture or traditional fluted trim carpentry and millwork. Go for a lighter color to contrast against the darkness.

If Your Home Is Contemporary: If your tastes run more to sleek, minimalist or modern, chances are you’ll tend toward a lighter, cleaner style of flooring. For hardwood, silver and gray are especially popular, as is a thicker plank width, though stains like maple or birch never go out of style. Tile can also be an excellent choice for public areas, adding shine and texture to a room without overwhelming it. Consider  highly polished natural stone like marble.

When it comes to carpet, you’re going to want to go for a low-profile look like micro-Berber or a tailored frieze. Try a bold, dramatic color or a light neutral to have it just fade into the background.

Throw the Rules Out the Window. All that being said, none of this is carved in stone. If you love a dark-colored hardwood for your contemporary home, go for it. If you want a micro-Berber in your colonial, no one’s stopping you. Play with different textures and options until you get a look you love. No two styles are the same, but these guidelines can give you a great starting point for your style explorations.

Want help finding what style fits you perfect? Call Tish Flooring. We’re an Indianapolis flooring company specializing in beautiful flooring that fits your life. Give us a call and we’ll come to your place, samples in hand, to help you find the perfect flooring.