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Go Natural with River Rocks

One of the hottest trends in home design, both interior and exterior, is that of incorporating natural materials and looks. One clever way to do that is with a natural, smooth rocks and pebbles. These are real stones, polished until they’re smooth and comfortable underfoot and applied to mesh netting, not unlike what’s used on mosaic tiles. They’re applied using a thick layer of grout. The effect is stunning, like you’re walking through a stream. Smooth stones are becoming an increasingly popular choice for bathrooms, showers, around tub installations and in outdoor spaces like pool decks and outdoor showers.

Some people might be a bit skittish about this distinctive and unusual flooring, so let’s put some of those fears to rest. It’s soft and comfortable under your feet, due to its finish. However, it’s probably not a great choice if you have mobility issues, since it’s somewhat uneven by its very nature. But that’s part of its charm.

When it comes to maintenance, caring for a natural stone, pebble or rock floor isn’t all that different from caring for any other natural stone tile. When it’s installed, it will be sealed with a clear protective layer. An amazing transformation can occur during the sealing process whereby new details and natural graining can emerge adding great warmth and variation to your flooring. Like any other natural stone, the floors may need to be re-sealed every three to five years to keep it in great shape. Otherwise, just sweep regularly to reduce dust and dirt that can wear your floors down and it can last for years and years to come.

Not sure how to combine this knockout flooring in your home? Try combining it with other natural design elements. For instance, clean, smooth stone countertops like travertine or slate can add a sleekness that counteracts the chunkiness of the flooring. Bamboo furniture or even live bamboo plants can add to a tropical, spa-like feel. The key is to keep it simple. Because the flooring itself has such a big impact, you want to let it be the star and build supporting players around it.

Want more information about using this fantastic natural flooring? Contact Tish Flooring. Our Indianapolis tile experts will bring samples directly to your door and help you make a big, bold fashion statement.