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5 Reasons You Should Consider Polyester Carpet

Think about your cell phone 20 years ago. If you had one, it was probably big as a brick, got lousy reception and couldn’t text, let alone surf the Internet. Your thinking has evolved about what exactly a cell phone is, because technology has changed and morphed it into an almost entirely different product. So why do we still think the same old things about polyester carpet? Amazing leaps forward with this misunderstood flooring mean that it’s now a great option for any home—and a great value.

Here are five reasons you need to be considering polyester carpet:

  1. It’s soft. This is no longer a scratchy synthetic; polyester can be every bit as soft as wool. The success is due to improvements in how the yarn itself is manufactured. It’s technical, but trust us when we say this product feels great underfoot.
  2. It’s durable. In the old days, polyester was easily crushed and matted. Not anymore. The fiber has been perfected and resilient and strong enough to stand up to any active family.  Still not sure?  Check the warranties – they’re the same (or better) than many other yarn types.
  3. It’s stain resistant. When you spill something on other yarn types, the liquid can be absorbed into the porous fiber like a little sponge. But with polyester, the synthetic fibers repel liquid away and keep it from soaking in. Often, all you have to do is blot up the spill and you’re good to go.
  4. It’s affordable. Nylon is the most common alternative to polyester, but the price has soared in recent years. Why? Nylon is made from petroleum products, so when the price of oil spikes, so does the price of nylon carpet. But polyester remains a popular alternative. Not only is it low-cost to start with, its durability means you won’t have to replace your carpet as frequently, which is a huge savings.
  5. It’s green. Remember how we said nylon is made with oil? Polyester can be a much greener alternative. Many products on the market are now made using at least 25% recycled plastic bottles. That’s right, your water bottle could become your carpet. The polyester production process also uses very little water, further conserving our natural resources and making polyester into a product you can feel good about buying.

Still not sure if polyester has evolved? That’s okay, we’d love to show you in person just how cool this carpet can be. We’ll come to your home with samples of polyester, wool, nylon and other kinds of carpet. See and feel for yourself and decide if polyester works in your home. We’d love to help and answer any questions you may have about your Indianapolis carpet needs.