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5 Things to Do Before Your Flooring Installer Arrives

For you, installing new flooring can be a stressful new experience. But for your installation crew, it’s another day at the office. A good professional flooring installation team will do everything in their power to make your experience as fast and painless as possible. Make sure you take these easy steps to make your installation job a breeze:

  1. Trust your installers. To you, moving all the furniture in your house seems like a monumental task. You’ve probably got things you haven’t dusted behind in years because they’re just too heavy. But as we said, installers do this every day. We’ve got special pads for moving heavy furniture, lifting straps and other tricks of the trade. So just relax—it seems like a big job to you, but we can make it easy.
  2. Move small items. Moving the big stuff is easy—it’s all the little clutter of life that slows us down on an installation job. Before your team shows up, pick up any small, loose items and just put them in a big box. You don’t even have to move the box! It’s just much easier for our team to grab one box than to go around picking up individual small items, which means you get your house back faster. Also clear closet floors, remove linens from beds, papers from desktops and any other loose articles you might have hanging around.
  3. Disconnect and re-connect electronics. Computers, TV and audio equipment, etc., should be disconnected before the crew arrives. The installers are happy to move and replace them as needed, but disconnecting and re-connecting are best left to the homeowner.
  4. If you have pets, tell us what you’d like done with them. If they’re skittish around strangers or loud noises, they may be more comfortable if they’re out of the house for the day. If you’d like us to keep them secure in a room while we work, just tell us which room. If we need to make sure the cat doesn’t get out, let us know. And don’t be too shy to tell us where the pet treats are in case Fido gives us the “I haven’t had a treat in ten years” look.
  5. Have reasonable expectations. It’s virtually impossible to avoid minor nicks and dents to your floorboards as your flooring is being installed. This is especially true if your walls have been freshly painted, as new paint is soft. Just know going in that you may need a few touchups.


Your flooring company wants to make the installation process as easy and stress-free for you as possible. By taking these few simple steps, you’ll have a houseful of brand new flooring no time. For help with your Indianapolis flooring needs, let us know.