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The Two Most Important Words For Home Buyers & Sellers In An Active Market: Be Ready

Greg Cooper is an Indianapolis real estate and one of our favorite partners at Tish Flooring. Today’s real estate market is very different from where it was even a year ago, and Greg offers tips for both buyers and sellers to thrive in this new world–including getting rid of that ugly old carpet. Take it away, Greg. 

In the last few years, we’ve not spent a lot of time worrying about quick decision making in the housing market. As a buyer you could look several times at a property, give it some thought and then decide if it worked for you. With the exception of the high end, those days are over. This is not a market for the faint of heart. It moves fast and if you’re not prepared you will cost yourself time, money and opportunities. We are inventory challenged and loaded with aggressive buyers. Home buyers and sellers must be ready if they want to be successful in today’s new world of real estate.

Buyers must have their financing in order so they don’t risk losing a property to another qualified bidder. A simple call to a lender is not good enough home buyers. You want a strongly worded letter on your behalf from a lender stating your qualifications in the highest way possible. If you get into a bidding war on a home, your qualifications are going to be as important as your offer price. All things being the same someone’s qualifications may be the difference between being the buyer of choice or losing that dream home.

Home sellers, you have similar challenges. It’s true the balance has swung back in your favor but buyers are still picky. You could have a dozen showings in your first ten days on the market but if your product isn’t ready there may be no offer forthcoming. Get it right before you go on the market. Declutter, neutralize and replace ahead of time. If you’ve got the rose colored carpet working in your family room, get it more mainstream before it turns buyers off. Today’s market is a strong one but only if you’re prepared and ready to meet the challenges.

About Greg Cooper

Greg Cooper, Indianapolis real estate agent

Greg Cooper is a real estate broker with over 25 years experience in the industry with an extensive marketing and on-air background in broadcasting prior to marketing homes. He specializes in Hamilton, Boone and northern Marion counties working specifically from Zionsville, Carmel, Fishers, Fortville and McCordsville as well as Lawrence and Washington townships in northern Indianapolis.