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Seriously Unique Carpets and Area Rugs

Sure, there’s Berber carpet and frieze carpet, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are some truly one-of-a-kind exotic carpets. Some of these, complete with deep pile and shag styling, can look like everything from deep sea anemones to delicate flowers. For the right home, they can be a major style choice.

One of our favorite purveyors of off-the-beaten-path carpets is Unique Carpets, Ltd. Many of their carpets are beautiful, classic tufted wool, tufted nylon and sisal designs with unusual patterns. But there are a few that are more off the beaten path.

Take, for instance, their “Shagtastic” collection. This isn’t your parents’ shag carpeting. It’s plush, ultra-luxurious and dense carpeting made from real wool yarn. One of the secrets to shag’s interesting look is using different lengths of fiber to create texture and interest rather than one unvarying canvas. That means your carpet has a depth to it that other carpets can’t match. These different fiber lengths also give you an opportunity to experiment with multiple colors within a carpet. Whether you want a brown core in a white thread or a crazy multi-colored explosion – the sky is the limit.

Some of these rugs make quite a statement. That’s why most people choose to use these as accent rugs rather than wall-to-wall carpet. These rugs are often hand-made and custom, which means they can be pricy, further making them more suitable to use in small doses. Consider using one of these rugs on a neutral-colored stone or tile floor, or together with a richly colored hardwood. They add a lushness and softness to the hard surfaces.

Unique area rugs and carpet

If these carpets are a little wild for your taste, remember that an area rug is a great way to warm up hard surfaces or define a space in your home. In most cases, if you see a carpet you like, we can put a border on it and turn it into an area rug. That allows you to have a great-quality carpet but controls your costs by carpeting only the areas that matter most to you. And of course, if your style changes, you can swap it out for a new look with no installation required.

If you’re interested in adding a different and glamorous touch to your flooring, contact Tish Flooring, an Indianapolis carpet company. We’ll bring samples of unique carpets right to your home so you can see what matches your style.