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What’s New in Ceramic Tile Technology

Sometimes, tough times are what we need to wake us up and make us think of new ways of tackling old problems. No one likes this “great recession” we’ve been living through, but it’s sparked some interesting new trends and technology across the flooring market, but especially in ceramic tile.

One of the coolest innovations to emerge from the great recession is inkjet printing. Yes, this is just like the printer sitting on your desk, only on a much larger scale. It’s able to print a photo-realistic image on almost any kind of flooring. We see this frequently in vinyl and laminate flooring, but it’s truly revolutionizing the ceramic tile market.

For you, the consumer, this technology allows you to have access to a wider array of looks at a lower price. Inkjet printing makes it easier for tweak products to respond to consumer trends. For instance, last year, warmer tones were popular in wood-look ceramic tiles. This year, cooler grays are more popular. With a few adjustments, the new flooring comes right out without needing major reconfigurations. That’s better for the manufacturer and much better for your wallet.

Another big advancement is in metallic finishes. Whether it’s subtle silver or glitzy gold, floor tiles that sparkle are becoming increasingly popular. Currently we’re seeing this trend in Europe, but we expect it to take the US by storm in the coming months. Many of the glazes are delicate and subtle, not shiny and gaudy. Instead, it’s about adding just a hint of interest and sheen. Unlike many metallic finishes from days gone by, these are able to withstand even though foot traffic, making them practical for families as well.

Finally, we’re seeing more and more in the way of ceramic tiles with recycled content. That’s right, green isn’t just for wood and vinyl anymore. Tiles with up to 47% recycled content are becoming the norm, which means you can get a product that preserves the environment while still looking great.

We expect to see even more big changes in the look, feel and yes, the price of ceramic flooring products in the coming months. To stay on the cutting edge, contact us for a free in-home consultation. We’ll come directly to your home in Indianapolis, Carmel, Westfield or Fishers with samples of the latest and greatest in ceramic flooring. We’ll find a look you love that keeps you ahead of the crowd.