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Epic™ Hardwood Flooring: Green, Affordable and Durable

Engineered hardwood is becoming an increasingly popular flooring choice. Rather than being one thick piece of wood like solid hardwood products, engineered uses a veneer of real hardwood on top of a core of other materials. Engineered hardwood looks exactly the same as solid hardwood, but is a greener, more affordable choice because it uses less wood and relies on its core to make up much of the bulk of the product. And Epic™, a new engineered hardwood product from Shaw, adds additional advantages for installation.

Epic is one of the greenest hardwood flooring products on the market. Not only does it use American hardwoods grown in responsibly managed forests, it also uses 50% less wood

Epic Engineered Hardwood Flooringthan traditional engineered flooring—all without sacrificing beauty. How can it do this? Epic uses a high-density recycled wood core under the veneer that allows for less new wood usage while preserving the look of hardwood. Remember, it’s real wood—just less of it, which is better for the environment and for your wallet. In many cases, you can get Epic hardwood for less than $5/square foot installed.

Epic’s performance is just as good as other engineered hardwood products. Its unique core is denser than synthetic cores, which allows it to withstand whatever your family can throw at it. It’s even harder than many solid hardwoods. Epic also comes standard with a 25-year finish warranty, so this flooring can take whatever you can dish out.

Epic Engineered Hardwood Flooring Is Real HardwoodEpic is a breeze to install. You can use this product upstairs, downstairs, even in basements. It can be applied over a variety of subfloors and is as versatile as flooring comes.

You’ll never sacrifice style with Epic. This hardwood is available in 100% real hardwood species like oak, hickory, maple, birch, cherry and walnut. It’s also available in finishes ranging from silky and smooth to distressed and rustic to perfectly match your home and your style.

Still undecided if this engineered hardwood is right for you? Contact Tish Flooring, an Indianapolis hardwood flooring company. We’ll bring samples of Epic and other engineered and solid hardwoods to your home and let you see for yourself if Epic will work for you.