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3 Reasons to Shop for Flooring at Home

At Tish Flooring, we offer in-home shopping at warehouse prices for our customers in Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, Westfield and Zionsville. That means we come directly to your home (including nights and weekends) with samples of the kinds of flooring you say you’re interested in. Sure, that’s convenient for you and your schedule—no more dragging screaming kids through a big box store or scooting in minutes before closing—but there are other major advantages to shopping at home. We believe that shopping at home isn’t just a better experience—it gets you better floors.

Why should you be shopping from the comfort of your home?

  1. Lighting. Have you ever gotten a shirt home from the store and been baffled as it becomes a totally different color? Usually, this variation has to do with lights. Many stores and showrooms have harsh, industrial florescent lights that give everything a yellowish cast. Your home, lit by natural light and softer lighting sources, has a more orange glow. So that carpet swatch that seemed perfect in the store might completely clash with your couch once you’ve gotten it home. When you shop at home, you remove that from the equation. You’re viewing every flooring sample under your light, so there aren’t any surprises.
  2. Furniture. It’s hard to take a swatch of a couch shopping with you to match colors. Sure, you can take a picture, but that isn’t a true representation of the color. What if you want to make sure the textures are complementary, too? There’s no substitute for having a sample right next to all of your furniture so you can get a representative idea of exactly what the flooring will be like with the things you already own.
  3. Installation. When you shop at home, you’ll have an experienced Tish Project Manager on hand to look at your current floors, take a peek at subfloors and identify potential installation issues, consult with you on texture, color, styling, and price. She or he will take measurements, bring samples into your home, and help with providing the free estimate and coordinating your project if you elect to proceed with Tish Flooring.

Make life easier on yourself. Choose better flooring in more comfortable circumstances. In many cases, you can even save money. Take the Tish Flooring Challenge and let us compare our quote to anyone else’s. We think you’ll be happy with the price and the in-home service. For more information, contact us.