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The “Poly’s”: Strong, Soft and Eco Friendly Carpet

The word “polyester” might conjure up images of leisure suits from the 1970s. But in fact, this versatile synthetic fiber is one of today’s most popular choices for carpet. New technologies make it a high-performance alternative to expensive wools and nylons.

The “big three” fibers in carpet are wool, nylon and polyester. Wool is the classic choice, while synthetics have gained ground in recent years for their durability and ease of care. However, because nylon is made from petroleum products, the cost has skyrocketed. Today, many polyester-type carpet products are made from, among other things, recycled #1 plastic water bottles. That makes it a great choice for homeowners looking for a greener floor covering at a lower price point.

That’s great, you say. It’s affordable and it’s green, but the important thing is how does it look and feel? You’ll be happy to know that polyester, other synthetics such as PET, and Smartstrand (which is technically neither nylon nor polyester) are among the softest types of carpet available. These have a plush, silky feel that make you want to dig your toes in. And they tend to hold dye uniformly and are typically less likely to fade in the sun than wool or nylon carpet.

What about stain resistance, you ask? This is where these yarn types really shine. For example, with Smartstrand products by Mohawk there is no more worrying about that spilled red wine—just blot the liquid and wash the rest away with soap and water. Because it’s a synthetic fiber, it’s also a good choice for those who struggle with allergies but still want carpet instead of hard surface flooring.

The poly’s continue to be the fastest growing carpet yarn types in the industry. In the right space with the right expectations, it can be an affordable choice that adds warmth and softness to your home.

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