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Texturized Hardwood Flooring Adds Character

Texturized hardwood flooring is a departure from the typical silky-smooth finish you usually see in flooring. Texturizing refers to any one of dozens of different ways of adding character to hardwood flooring, whether that’s through beveling, scraping, gouging or even ‘burning’ the floor.

Why would you do such things to perfectly good hardwood flooring? While sleek can be beautiful, texturized floors, also known as distressed hardwood flooring, catches the light in different ways. It adds new and unique levels to the flooring and adds age, authenticity and character to your floors.

Beveling creates linear dimension on hardwood flooring and can make spaces seem larger than they are. Circular whirled textures or round distressing marks like burns or “worm” holes add a hominess that emulates the look and feel of salvaged wood, as if you found a ramshackle barn and brought the wood home.

Distressed Hickory Hardwood Flooring

But distressed flooring isn’t just for traditional or rustic homes. It can add interest and softness to hard lines of modern lofts and contemporary spaces. Organic hardwood adds unique warmth to any space and can complement metallic fixtures in a way that makes a space modern without being cold.

Some distressing is done via machine, while others types are done entirely by hand. Machine distressing adds a more uniform look, while the spontaneity of hand-scraped products means that every board is entirely one-of-a-kind. Of course, there’s a difference in price as well: hand-distressed hardwood is more expensive than machine distressed, but for many, the artisinal touch is worth the extra cost.

Distressed Maple  Hardwood Floor

Distressed hardwood is available in any stain and color under the sun. It gives you more choices than ever before for customizing your flooring choices so you can have a look that’s truly your own.

Want to find out what’s right for you? Contact Tish Flooring, an Indianapolis hardwood flooring company. We’ll bring samples of texturized hardwood flooring directly to your home. Look at the flooring in your home, next to your flooring, in your light. To schedule your in-home consultation, contact us today.