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It’s Not Your Grandma’s Kitchen Linoleum Any More

In recent years, vinyl flooring has undergone a major renaissance. It’s gotten a name change, for one: You’re likely to hear vinyl referred to as either resilient flooring, referring to its durability, or luxury vinyl flooring (LVF), celebrating its versatility and richness. The name change has been a good move. Many people have a deeply entrenched idea about what “vinyl” flooring is, and it’s not pretty. The flooring is more likely to summon memories of your grandmother’s kitchen than it is to conjure images of a contemporary flooring product you’d want in your home.

But times have changed, and so has resilient flooring. There is perhaps no more versatile flooring on the market today. If you can imagine a pattern, design or style, there’s a LVF product that meets your needs. Popular choices include photo-realistic reproductions of hardwood floor grain, stone, tile and other “traditional” flooring products. But why stop with the traditional? Vinyl flooring can be created with detailed patterns or even carpet-like textures, or animal print patterns (we think the pink cow pattern is pretty funky). Resilient flooring is available both in square tiles, perfect for stone or ceramic-look flooring, or in planks, which mimics the look of hardwood flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring is great for bathrooms Luxury Vinyl Flooring looks like stone

You might be asking, why not just purchase the real thing? Why go with resilient flooring instead? First, cost. In many instances, LVF is more cost-effective than hardwood, tile or stone. And it performs as its name suggests: resilient, tough and durable. It lasts for years and requires little maintenance for the busy homeowner.

Unlike heavier products, vinyl can also be installed on a variety of subfloors, including upper stories, with relative ease. Many vinyl products can even be grouted, offering the feel and visual of stone or tile without the hardness of the traditional product.

If it’s been a while since you’ve looked at vinyl flooring, it’s time to look again. Let Tish Flooring show you just how versatile this product can be. We’ll come right to your door for a no-obligation estimate, armed with beautiful resilient flooring samples. See how they look next to your furniture, in your light and make a decision about what’s best for your home. You might be surprised that vinyl is the right choice for you.