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Tiled Accents to Make Your Room Sing

Tile isn’t just for floors anymore. Sure, it’s still a practical and popular choice for bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms throughout your house, but we’re also seeing it being used in unexpected ways. Tile comes in so many unique and beautiful styles and colors that a smart application can make your home pop in an eccentric, funky way.

Bold Accent Tile WallThis bold tile accent wall becomes a focal point


Increasingly, we’re seeing tiles used not just on the floor, but on accent walls as well. That’s usually a small wall that is treated in some special way to draw attention to it, making it a focal point. In the past, this was often done with a bright paint color. But a tile accent wall gives both color and texture in a way that paint just can’t match.

Some homeowners go for glazed ceramic tiles in all the colors of the Mediterranean: sunny yellow, deep blue, saturated red, often set against a clean white background. Others are looking to more contemporary tile materials, including glass and metallics. This gives you a great chance to play with light, using interesting reflections and mirrored surfaces to make your room seem bigger, brighter and all-around more interesting.

It’s easy to overdo it with a tiled accent wall, so make sure you choose one small surface that will make a big impact. This will also help control your costs. Think about one area of your home where you want to draw attention, a feature you want to highlight, and add an interesting tile pattern. You’ll be surprised what a difference it can make.

We’re also seeing tile pop up in another unexpected place: stair risers. That funny little space at the back of each stair riser is often wasted opportunity without much aesthetic value. But with the application of a few decorative tiles, you can turn that decorative dead zone into a fun pop of color. Try it with a brightly colored or even hand-painted tile.
If you’re looking for more creative ways to add tile, texture and color to your home, contact us. Tish Flooring is an Indianapolis and Carmel flooring company specializing in making your home as beautiful and unique as you are.