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What to Expect with an In-Home Flooring Consultation

Tish Flooring is increasingly referred to as the anti-big box store.  At home improvement and national chain stores, you walk in and wander around, staring at big rolls of carpet and shelves of tile. You paw through them on your own and try to flag down an associate if you have questions, which they may or may not be able to answer. It’s an impersonal experience. And once you get your flooring sample home, if it’s a mismatch for your space, your colors and your light you have to tramp back to the store and do it all over again – often with an undertrained clerk stocking shelves (if he or she is not in the door knob department).

We do things differently. Sure, we want to sell you flooring, but our primary goal at Tish Flooring is to be a trusted resource. We want to carefully answer all of your questions about the benefits of hardwood flooring versus vinyl or ceramic tile versus stone. We want to help you make decisions based on your lifestyle and your tastes. If, at the end of that, you decide you want to buy from us, we’re thrilled. If not, we hope we’ve helped you with your decision in some small way.

When you call Tish Flooring for a no-obligation quote, we’ll start by asking a few questions over the phone. What spaces are you interested in re-flooring? Do you know what kind of material you want, like hardwood or carpet? Your responses will help us determine what samples to bring with us for your consultation. If you don’t know exactly what you want, that’s okay, too. We’ll help talk through your lifestyle (Have pets? Kids?) and your color and style preferences to narrow the field.

When can we come to your home? When do you want us? We want to consult with you when it’s convenient for your schedule. Evenings? Weekends? Tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen.

We’ll come to your home inIndianapolis,Carmelor Zionsville with a variety of samples. In fact we go to towns all over central Indiana -Greenwood,Avon, New Palestine, wherever! You’ll be able to see the flooring options in your own light (as opposed to the industrial lighting in the big stores), next to your furniture, your paint colors and even your dog. After all, flooring can look very different in a showroom than they do next to your red walls and blue sofa. If you don’t find something you like or you want to see a larger swatch, we can order samples at no charge to you.

Finally, we’ll address all of your queries and concerns with easy-to-understand answers. We can inform you about care, maintenance, how long the surface can be expected to last, installation and more. Some people only buy flooring once or twice in a lifetime, so we take the job of helping to make wise, well-planned decisions very seriously.

Then it’s up to you.  If we’ve earned your business, we promise to do a top-notch job for you and your family. If not, we hope you find a surface you love.

That’s how we run our business at Tish Flooring. If you’re interested in seeing what makes us different from any other flooring company, contact us today.